Climate Ark's Expired "Earth Action Network Alerts"

Urge Gordon Moore Foundation to Withdraw from Telescope on Sacred Mauna Kea

A controversial telescope project on the top of the often snow-covered Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai'i would further desecrate land that is sacred to native Hawaiians and is environmentally sensitive. There are already 13 telescopes scarring the mountain; and the newest, called the Thirty-Meter Telescope, would destroy an additional five acres of land, and intensify human waste and toxics entering the sensitive ecosystem. For months protestors have camped out on the top of the mountain creating human blockades, there have been recent arrests, as well as numerous affinity protests nationally and across social media including on Twitter at #WeAreMaunaKea and #ProtectMaunaKea. Standing with Hawai'i’s native peoples and in the spirit of Aloha`Aina (love of the land), please send protest emails (and optionally tweets) to the Gordon Moore Foundation letting them know they must stop financing the TMT telescope on sacred Mauna Kea.

Tell #COP20 Climate Delegates: If Not Cutting Emissions, You Are Failing

Abrupt climate change threatens the world with runaway global warming, extreme weather weirding, and global ecosystem collapse unless together we embrace a 1.5° C warming goal and begin to immediately cut emissions. From December 1-12 world leaders gather in Lima, Peru to negotiate the future of our planet. The Climate Change Conference, COP20/CMP, is a key event as we head towards the 2015 Climate Conference in Paris, where a universal agreement on climate change is expected to be adopted. Failure of earlier climate talks to begin cutting emissions means that even the dangerously inadequate target of limiting warming to 2° C is slipping away. Much science indicates that in fact limiting average global warming to 1.5° C is a more sufficient goal to avoid the worst ravages of abrupt climate change and the possibility of biosphere collapse. Neither target will be possible unless ambitious global and differentiated emission reductions begin immediately. Tell climate negotiators as the Lima climate conference opens that if they are not now cutting emissions fast they are failing.

#Ebola Is Ecosystem Collapse, More Doctors and Hospital Beds Needed NOW

The Ebola epidemic threatens global ecological sustainability and well-being. Unless its exponential growth can be stopped in a matter of weeks to months, it is highly unlikely its global spread can be prevented. Please write (and optionally tweet) to European and American governments and health officials demanding a massive infusion of doctors and quarantined hospital beds to stop Ebola at its source. Ebola is ecosystem collapse as loss of forests resulted in increased bushmeat consumption, allowing the disease to spillover to humans. Going forward, Ebola’s root causes of rainforest loss, perma-war, poor governance, abject poverty, and over-population must be recognized and – along with community sustainable development – be adequately funded, or we face more such threats as the biosphere collapses. It is unacceptable the Western world spends hundreds of billions on war, but only millions to stop the Ebola epidemic. Read more in important essay showing Ebola is ecosystem collapse.

CONGRATULATE Forest Stewardship Council for 1st Baby Steps Ending Greenwash of Old-Growth Forest Logging

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) claims to certify the sustainability of forest management. Yet for two decades FSC with the support of major NGOs like WWF and Greenpeace have greenwashed industrial scale old-growth forest logging - across an area two times the size of Texas for throw away consumer items such as toilet paper and lawn furniture - as being environmentally sensitive. A new motion has been presented by FSC member Greenpeace at FSC’s General Assembly, and passed, which would increase protections for primary and other old-growth forests. EcoInternet has campaigned quixotically for such limitations upon FSC primary forest logging for a decade. Please make it clear that best science indicates old-growth forest logging is never ecologically sustainable, and FSC must end its certification of such logging by implementing Motion 65, in order to set a precedent that marks the beginning of the end for all old-growth forest logging globally.

Wisconsin $700,000 Gogebic Mining Bribe Worthy of Further Investigation #wiunion

The huge Gogebic iron ore mine is proposed in the Penokee Hills poised above Lake Superior, and could potentially foul the 20% of Earth's freshwater found in the Great Lakes. Governor Scott Walker signed a bill in early 2013 gutting Wisconsin's mining regulations, designed to clear the way for out-of-state political supporter Gogebic Taconite to dig a massive open-pit iron mine in the Penokee Hills just south of Lake Superior. The mine was approved just after a secret donation of $700,000 from Gogebic Taconite, the mining company, to a group colluding with the Walker recall campaign. Please express your concerns to court officials regarding the appearance of impropriety, and the need for further John Doe legal investigation (name given to secret probes in Wisconsin).

Demand India Protect Mahan Forest and Global Climate from Coal

This week’s decision by India’s top court that coal field allocation for the past 16 years has been illegal offers a chance for Earth’s largest democracy to start fresh by canceling illegal coal leases, particularly those that threaten intact natural ecosystems important to villagers like the Mahan forest. India’s “Coalgate” is an opportunity for India to be in the transition to a clean energy and restoration ecology economy.

Continue to Oppose Oil Production in Ecuador's Yasuni Rainforests

Ecuador's mega-diverse Yasuni National Park is again threatened by oil industry road construction as state oil company Petroamazonas has in secret constructed a road into the world-famous Amazon rainforest - violating environmental laws and threatening uncontacted indigenous tribes. More than 45% of the Yasuni National Park is now overlapped by oil concessions. Without improved oversight, Petroamazonas will likely continue building new access roads deeper into the core of the Yasuni National Park in both Blocks 31 and 43 (ITT), and future oil highways may penetrate into the core of the park, fragmenting this vital global rainforest ecosystem and threatening its biodiversity. Join in EcoInternet's over decade-long campaign to keep Yanuni National Park ecologically intact and road free.

Demand Oil Exploration End in Congo's Gorilla Rich Virunga National Park

It has been two years since EcoInternet first alerted the international community that SOCO International – a London-listed oil company – planned to explore for oil in Virunga National Park. Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and an UNESCO World Heritage site; and is home to a large population of wild gorillas, many other important wildlife species, primary rainforest ecosystems, and forest-dependent communities. Our earlier protests together caused other companies considering oil exploration to pull out. And opposition is growing as WWF has embraced the campaign, successfully bringing the case to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Oil exploration in these globally vital rainforest ecosystems will further set a dangerous precedent that nowhere – whether protected, or ecologically important – is immune from oil industry destruction. It appears every last bit of Earth's large, wild and intact ecosystems will be sacrificed to industrial development – to extend our dependence upon fossil fuel, and delay transition now to renewable energy sources – ensuring abrupt run-away climate change and global ecosystem collapse.

Old-Growth Forests in Tasmania's World Heritage Area Again Threatened

Only a year ago together Ecological Internet and you participated in successful protests to end industrial clearcut logging in 170,000 hectares of Tasmania, Australia’s old-growth temperate rainforests; as vital intact ecosystems including Butlers Gorge; and the Florentine, Weld and Styx valleys, were added to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Now Australia’s ecologically challenged federal government – led by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who famously stated “climate change is crap” – is reneging on these commitments, in an unprecedented move pushing to remove 74,000 hectares from World Heritage Area protection. We need your help to once again call on the Australian government to honor their international obligations and protect Tasmania’s World Heritage old-growth temperate rainforests from industrial destruction. Tasmanian, Australian, and global ecosystem sustainability depend upon doing so.

Given Typhoon #Haiyan, UN Must Fully Assess Climate Change Risk and Feedbacks

Typhoon Haiyan, believed to be the biggest storm on record to make landfall, clearly demonstrates the risk posed by extreme super storms intensified by abrupt climate change. Yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – the United Nations science body that assesses the state of climate science – is failing to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment that takes into account amplifying positive feedbacks and worst case scenarios. Without such a transparent and comprehensive climate risk assessment, that is free of government interference, the world finds it difficult to assess climate risk and is unlikely to embrace urgent emissions cuts, protect and restore ecosystems, and implement a global carbon tax. Demand such reforms at the IPCC.

Stop Tar Sands Ecocide, Block Canada's Energy East Pipeline

Canadian tar sands production, transport, and consumption represent continued fossil fuel addiction that guarantees runaway climate change and global ecosystem collapse. From the deforestation of old-growth boreal forests, to the fouling of land and water as the carbon intensive oil is mined and extracted, to the constant dangers of far-flung spills as the viscous oil is transported, through its burning and release of tar sand filth into the atmosphere: tar sands is the epitome of ecocidal industrial activity that must end to limit abrupt climate change and achieve global ecological sustainability. Alberta’s tar sands are landlocked, and keeping them from ocean ports is vital to eliminating their production, and keeping the toxic tar in the ground where it belongs. Ecological Internet has already taken the lead in delaying the Northern Gateway pipelines to the West – join us now in stopping the Energy East pipeline to the Atlantic.

Demand California's Carbon Market Not Fund REDD+ Old-Growth Forest Logging

Next week California is to decide whether REDD+ forest carbon offsets – which include funding for first time industrial logging of old-growth forests – is worthy of inclusion as a carbon credit within the state’s carbon markets. Logging old-growth forests is an ecological disaster that threatens local livelihoods, biodiversity, ecosystems, climate, and the biosphere; and must not be funded by carbon markets. Members of the forest carbon industry supporting REDD+ must be compelled to stop their old forest logging greenwash - or face ridicule, protest, and an end to public support, until they do.

Tell Greenpeace to Stop Greenwashing Old-Growth Forest Logging

Greenpeace continues to espouse nonsense that logging old-growth forests is protection and can be done in an environmentally acceptable manner. Their recent case studies claim that Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of first time industrial logging of hundreds of millions of acres of old-growth forests has “led to a substantial improvement in forest management practices.” Loss and diminishment of primary rainforests and other old-growth forests are never ecologically sustainable – and threaten local peoples, species, ecosystems, climate, and the biosphere with collapse and death. Please demand that Greenpeace and pals resign from FSC immediately, end all involvement with primary rainforest and other old-growth logging, and work exclusively for old forest protection, restoration, and small-scale local eco-forestry. We have been asking Greenpeace politely to stop helping log old-growth for the past six years (see ) and been stonewalled and ridiculed, during which time many old forests have fallen and the fate of the biosphere become more unclear.

HSBC Bank Must Stop Funding Old-Growth Rainforest Logging

HSBC Bank continues to fund logging companies pillaging old-growth rainforests and causing human rights abuses in Sarawak, Malaysia, and expanding globally. After ravaging all but 5% of Sarawak’s once pristine tropical rainforests, HSBC’s Sarawak clients – described in Papua New Guinea as the “Malaysian timber mafia” – now dominate the global, ecocidal old-growth timber industry. Anyone participating in the industrial destruction of Earth’s last old-growth forests – be they banks, governments, corporations, or NGOs – are legitimate protest targets, if we are to maintain local well-being and a habitable Earth for all. Please demand that HSBC end all involvement with old-growth rainforest logging.

Demand India Protect Old-Growth and Abandon Coal

India is a thriving democratic nation with tremendous potential to achieve just, equitable, and ecologically sustainable national development that could last forever. Yet India is heading towards social and ecological collapse unless it stops burning coal and clearing its natural ecosystems, especially important old-growth forest remnants. The momentum of unfettered economic and population growth sweeping India is so severely damaging to the environment that failure to stop burning and cutting threatens the nation's reliable climate, food and water supplies, and its future potential for sustained national economic advancement. India is an amazing place in so many ways. There is still hope that they will come to understand the importance of a different development model based upon intact natural ecosystems.

Massive Chinese Dam Threatens Cambodia's Cardamom Rainforests

The Areng Valley in the Cardamom Mountains of south-west Cambodia is threatened with flooding by a Chinese hydropower dam. This biodiversity gem - home of the Siamese crocodile and indigenous Khmer Daeum - is to be destroyed for a relatively small amount of electricity. Standing large, connected, and ecologically intact old-growth forests are required for local and global ecological sustainability and well-being.

Tell Avon, New Jersey: Old-Growth Rainforest Boardwalks Cause Abrupt Climate Change

Tiny Avon, New Jersey, is moving forward with plans to rebuild their ocean-front boardwalk - recently destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - using ill-gotten old-growth rainforest timbers. Loss of primary rainforests is a primary cause of abrupt climate change, as well as mass extinction, social disintegration, and ecosystem decline. Unless we break the cycle of destroying ecosystems for luxury consumption, we can expect further climate weirding and biosphere collapse. Tell Avon to please follow New York Cities lead and use readily available alternatives, and ensure Hurricane Sandy rebuilding does not cause further ecological damage.

Ecuador Tribe Will "Die Fighting" to Defend Rainforest #IdleNoMore

Please support Ecuador's Kichwa villagers, who the Guardian newspaper reports vow to resist oil prospecting by the state-backed company Petroamazonas at all costs. The Kichwa tribe has said they are ready to fight to the death to protect their rainforests, which cover 70,000 hectares, adjacent and part of Yasuni National Park, and huge additional Ecuadorean rainforests are threatened by new industrial oil auctions as well. Industrial development of rainforests for oil in the Amazon has a long history of destroying ecosystems, including fouling water. Tell President Correa that standing, intact old-growth forest ecosystems are a requirement for local advancement and for local and global ecological sustainability; and demand that the invasion of indigenous nations' rainforests be halted.

Without Justice for India's Braveheart and All Women, Can Be No Sustained National Advancement #DelhiGangRape

We are witnessing the rise of India as a modern, global power. Yet the absence of the rule of law – as shown by the recent horrific gang-rape and death of "Amanat" (treasure) in New Delhi – in what is otherwise a largely vibrant democracy, threatens national justice, fairness, and sustained advancement. Ecological Internet has long taken an expansive view of global ecological sustainability. To sustain Earth, we must sustain ourselves and each other, as well as freedom, fairness, and justice. It is profoundly hoped that Amanat's loss will trigger an Indian movement to create a safe society for women, as well as respect for the rule of law. Equality, justice, and protection for women and children will be crucial to India's continued fair and ecologically sustainable development. Wherever you live, please participate in this global affinity alert, as justice for Amanat is justice for all.

End Industrial Logging of Congo's Old-Growth Rainforests

Recent revelations of illegal logging in the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) rainforests demonstrate yet again that globally logging of old growth forests remains irredeemably corrupt and inevitably devastating to rainforest ecology. After years of international assistance and a "moratorium" on new rainforest logging, it is revealed that local permits for individuals to clear rainforest are being abused by the government and industrial loggers, even as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and NGOs pressure for "sustainable" industrial destruction of Congo's primary rainforests. For DRC's local people and the biosphere, it is time to ban old growth logging in the DRC and globally. The DRC government must be convinced to abandon inherently corrupt industrial-scale rainforest clearance for log export – before the nation's rainforests, ecological sustainability, and future development potential are gone forever – and be justly compensated for doing so. Instead they must focus upon developing ways for local communities to benefit from standing old forests. Both local and global ecological sustainability depend upon doing so.

Implore President Obama to End Climate Appeasement by Supporting a Carbon Tax

There exists near unanimous scientific consensus that abrupt climate change is occurring, that it is caused by burning fossil fuels and clearing natural ecosystems, and that observable and escalating impacts indicate it may be worse than worst case predictions, threatening the habitability of our one shared biosphere. Almost certainly there is no way to stop entirely the warming and climate weirding; it is already too far progressed. Yet our immediate actions in the short term to cut – or fail to cut – carbon and greenhouse gas emissions will determine its severity, whether it will eventually stabilize or become runaway, and whether it is survivable. The single policy action that could occur most quickly, and significantly reduce emissions, is to place a price upon emitting carbon through a tax. The funds raised from a carbon tax can replace other taxes, be returned to low-income earners, and be used for other laudable goals including paying down the deficit, developing low-emission energy systems, and protecting and restoring global ecosystems. Abrupt climate change will not be appeased, but it can be taxed, and thus reduced, through first a national and eventually a global carbon tax.

Stop CNN from Greenwashing Fossil Fuels

CNN has become increasingly indebted to fossil fuel advertising, and greenwashes abrupt climate change as a result. CNN's coverage of Frankenstorm Sandy continues to virtually ignore abrupt climate change, and the abundance of science indicating this is a climate change enhanced disaster. CNN coal funding in particular has resulted in infrequent and biased coverage of climate and other related ecological issues, and has abetted US Presidential candidates' silence on climate change. CNN must indicate how they will change their business model to allow improved, propaganda free, and increased coverage of the huge amount of daily news regarding our fossil fuel addiction; North America's tar sands, coal and fracking ecocide; and the many looming global ecological emergencies. CNN must get the story right on Sandy being abrupt climate change.

Liberia: Industrial Primary Rainforest Logging is Corrupt, Ecocidal, and Must End

New logging contracts have been issued across 40% of Liberia's primary rainforests in only two years of resumed industrial logging. A full one quarter of Liberia’s total landmass – half of its best primary rainforests – were granted using secretive and illegal logging permits. Malaysian logging giant Samling, who has a long history of illegal logging from Cambodia to Guyana to Papua New Guinea, is a major beneficiary. Such major corruption – after years of logging fueled war, $30 million in international subsidies for "sustainable" rainforest logging, and a resumption of logging only since 2010 – shows clearly that Liberia's rainforest logging remains irredeemably corrupt and inevitably ecologically devastating. What if the $30 million invested in resuming "sustainable logging" had been used instead to find ways for local communities to benefit from standing old forests? For local peoples and the biosphere, it is time to ban primary forest logging in Liberia and globally.

Resist Monsanto: Reassert Your Faith in Non-GMO Seeds and Properly Labeled Unnatural Foods

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders."
- Henry David Thoreau, Faith in a Seed

From seeds come all life, power, wealth and well-being. Control over seeds – and knowing whether our food products have been genetically modified – means control over our lives, our food safety, and our freedom. Open pollinated, non-genetically modified seeds are a human right. We must not recognize any law that illegitimately makes seed the private property of corporations. And we must assert the right to know what we're eating, through labeling of all genetically engineered foods. It is time to reclaim Thoreau's faith in a seed from Monsanto.

Tell Brazil Rio+20 Host: The "Future We Want" Not Dozens of New Amazon Rainforest Destroying Dams

Brazil’s government – host of the completed “Rio+20” UN Conference on Sustainable Development devoted to sustainable development and sustaining ecosystems – is planning to build dozens of dams on tributaries to the Amazon -- including the controversial $11 billion Belo Monte project. Industrial destruction of intact primary rainforest ecosystems based upon ecocide and genocide is not “the future we want” – a motto of Rio+20. These plans for massive Amazon dam construction reveal Brazil’s meaningless rhetoric regarding environmental sustainability and sustainable development, as they hypocritically continue destroying key regional and global ecosystems. Brazil’s deceptive doublespeak regarding sustaining ecology must not be allowed to stand unchallenged during Rio+20. Stand with brave indigenous protestors who recently dismantled a portion of Belo Monte’s construction (pictured), as we call upon all Rio+20 delegates to demand Brazil cancel Belo Monte and other Amazon rainforest destroying dams.

Rio+20: Protest Global Leaders Obama, Merkel and Cameron’s Absence

As the world faces an unprecedented ecological and social emergency, leaders of the US, UK and Germany dawdle as Earth burns. Their absent, failed leadership obstructs international efforts to protect our one collapsing biosphere while sustainably meeting all of humanity’s basic needs. Demand that the absent leaders from Rio+20 immediately make their way to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and/or instruct their negotiators to stop obstructing an action-based agenda to sustain global ecology and achieve sustainable development.

Protest Sea Shepherd Leader Paul Watson’s Extradition on Shark Poacher and Whaler Accusations

Paul Watson, the founder and leader of the aggressive and highly effective marine conservation group “Sea Shepherd” – known mainly for disrupting whale hunts, documented on the reality TV program “Whale Wars” – has been detained in Germany at the request of Costa Rica, which wants him extradited on trumped up charges from shark fin poachers and whale killers. Ecological Internet strongly supports Sea Shepherd and their forthcoming “global campaign to save sharks from extinction”. We agree with Captain Hammarstedt that “Captain Paul Watson belongs on a ship on the high seas protecting sharks, whales, and other marine life, not in some jail cell here in Germany.”

Indonesian Oil Palm Fires Threaten Important Orangutan Population with Death

In a global tragedy, an entire important orangutan habitat was intentionally set ablaze in past weeks with nearly 100 fires. These ongoing rainforest peat fires and land clearing by palm oil firms - in an important rainforest habitat in western Indonesia - could extirpate the entire local population, killing off some 200 orangutans. The Tripa swamp rainforest in Aceh, Indonesia – home to one of the most densely populated remaining groups of wild orangutans in the world – is ablaze as palm oil companies rush to clear forests before a court case stops their plantation expansion. Up to 100 of an already much diminished population may have been killed in recent months, and unless the land grabs and rainforest burning are immediately stopped, the local population of critically endangered Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) may soon go locally extinct, and the whole species soon thereafter.

Continue to Tell European Union that Tar Sands Oil Is 'Highly Polluting'

The European Commission – the executive branch of the European Union (EU) – has voted inconclusively whether to designate Canada’s tar sands as being “highly polluting”. This is unfortunate given tar sands’ terrible ecological impacts upon our shared global atmosphere – and Canadian boreal forests, water, and indigenous peoples - the answer should have been painfully obvious, and a resounding YES. The matter is not dead, it has been referred to committee, so a designation would be a significant setback for tar sands growth. Yet given the power of the ecocidal oil oligarchy which rules Canada and much of the world, empowered global citizens need to let the EU know the world expects, indeed demands, the EU do the right thing in condemning tar sands – in order to establish a level playing field for a renewable, efficient, and conservation based energy future.

Stop Peru's Road to Rainforest Ecocide and Genocide of Uncontacted Indigenous Tribes

Plans are to build a highway through Alto Purus - Peru’s largest national park – comprised of vital intact Amazonian rainforest ecosystems and inhabited by at least two 'uncontacted' indigenous tribes. Let Peru's President know intact, standing rainforests - looked after by their traditional indigenous inhabitants - are a requirement for local advancement and global ecological sustainability.

NAMING NAMES: UN REDD+ Forest Carbon Fund to Log Primary Forests with Corporate NGO Greenwash Support

Earth is facing the twin global ecological emergencies of abrupt climate change and land being scoured of natural ecosystems. Sadly, corporate American NGOs and the United Nations are responding to these crises by further promoting logging ancient forests. The United Nations REDD+ program to protect primary and old growth forests as a climate change and deforestation solution has been hi-jacked by logging interests and their big pro-logging NGO friends, and will instead subsidize primary forest logging for new plantations. REDD has become a gravy train for consultants, greenwashing NGOs and charlatans of many sorts - claiming logging ancient rainforests for the first time protects them! Old standing natural forest ecosystems are key to sustaining climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, local livelihoods humanity and the Earth System. Corporate NGOs supporting REDD+ must be compelled to stop their old forest logging greenwash - or face ridicule, protest, and an end to public support, until they do.

Brazilian Forest Code Revisions Threaten Amazon Rainforest

Brazil's industrial agriculture lobby has forced through their Congress changes to the forest code, the primary legal instrument related to Amazon rainforest protections. It has been done without any scientific inputs, and in a way that will greatly expand industrial agriculture by reducing ecological protections. Newly elected President Dilma Rousseff must be encouraged to veto the bill, something she promised to do during the election. Efforts to address forest code deficiencies must recommence in a manner that incorporates the latest agro-ecological science regarding sustainable agriculture and the importance of large, connected and intact rainforest ecosystems within agricultural landscapes. Without a veto, recent progress in Amazon rainforest protection is at stake just as Brazil is to host the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012.

Protest Belize National Park Being Opened by Corrupt U.S. Oil Exploration to Illegal Logging

Belize’s renowned rainforests, beaches, and Mayan homelands are threatened with a resource rampage by a corrupt government confronted with massive foreign debt. With the Prime Minister's permission, Colorado-based oil company US Capital Energy is drilling seismic testing lines through the ecologically spectacular Sarstoon-Temash national park - against international treaty commitments and a Belizean Supreme Court ruling. These cleared lines are now being used by poachers to ransack the rainforest, with stolen timbers transported to Guatemala and onward to China.

Don’t Frack with Our Water: Support New York State Residents in Maintaining the Ban

The New York State government is set to end its fracking ban – a dangerous natural gas drilling method – placing its citizens, water and ecology at great risk. Fracking blasts water mixed with toxics at high pressure into the ground to shatter deep bedrock – releasing toxic methane, chemicals and other contamination – while destroying crucial water resources and destabilizing the land. Tell Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo that fracking will never be environmentally acceptable, much less sustainable, and that it needs to be permanently banned. Failure to do so makes him personally responsible for vast water contamination that will forever poison New York citizens he has sworn to serve and protect.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipelines Heading West to Asia Must Be Stopped Too

The proposed Canadian Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipelines seek to export filthy oil to Asia. The delay of the Keystone pipeline – largely due to people power protest – makes this route all the more vital to Canada, if tar sands production and transport to the international marketplace are to grow. Ecosystems will be placed at risk from Alberta's massive clearcut mining of boreal forest, Western Canada's intricate waterways, to British Columbia’s precious and fragile temperate rainforests and coastal waters, endangering the First Nations' salmon economy. The vital First Nations salmon economy will be devastated. With stalwart indigenous opposition, and the magnitude of vital and sensitive ecosystems to be traversed, our chances are good. This alert was first launched and hundreds of thousands of protest emails sent two years ago, and has now been updated. NOTE you will receive an emailed response from the review panel on how to lodge official comments, which is different than this protest.

An Appeal to Durban Climate Talks: Lead on Climate, or You Have Abdicated and the People Will

The world is careening towards abrupt climate change and global ecosystem collapse. Global climate talks have been stymied by an inability to reconcile the historic carbon debt for past inequitable development with reasonable demands that all nations commit to differentiated emission reductions. Tell Durban climate meeting delegates that failure to act now upon the looming climate emergency means governments have abdicated and the people will lead.

Uganda's Protected Mabira Rainforest Threatened Again by Sugar Production

Plans by Uganda's President to partially destroy the Mabira rainforest - one of the nation's most important rainforest preserves - have surfaced again after being defeated in 2007. Let the Ugandan government know rainforests and their ecological services including water, climate and biodiversity are far more important than sugar which can be grown elsewhere. Together with local opposition Ecological Internet has defeated this project twice before, let's do it again.

FSC Rainforest Logging Disaster Capitalism: Tell RAN, Naomi Klein and Friends - No "Ethical Primary Forest Timbers"

SHAME! Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is one of the primary obstacles to protecting ancient rainforests as they promote their first time industrial logging. RAN founded and ardently supports the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) destruction of 320,000,000 acres of primary forests (the size of South Africa), including for toilet paper and lawn furniture. Recently RAN threw another swanky celebrity filled party to congratulate themselves for logging primary forests to protect them, and to raise further money for more such "rainforest protection". Noted author Naomi Klein was their guest of honor and received an award from RAN. Please make Naomi aware of RAN's shocking greenwash, ask that she return the award to protest RAN's disaster capitalism, and demand that RAN resign from FSC.

End the Geoengineering Madness Now! Tethering Artificial Volcanoes from Giant Balloons Risky Science, Not a Viable Climate Solution

Geoengineering is the proposed large scale manipulation of Earth’s oceans, soils, sunlight and atmosphere with the intent of combating climate change. The UK government and scientific establishment have begun dangerous experiments into the controversial idea of large-scale release of sulfur aerosol directly into the stratosphere in large volumes to reflect solar radiation. They are acting like renegades, as international agreements are in place forbidding such experiments which are not in controlled settings. Simply, a biosphere cannot be engineered. The only way to address climate and ecology change is to end ecosystem loss and fossil fuel use; while equitably reducing emissions, consumption and population. Please tell UK scientists to cancel experiments planned to test equipment for injecting sulfur particles into the stratosphere to counteract global warming. It is too risky and continued geoengineering research - and all but certain implementation if field trials show promise - will certainly have horrific unintended consequences for our shared biosphere - necessary for a habitable Earth.

Tell President Obama Tar Sands Pipeline Approval Will Alienate Green Base, Cost Election, and Warrant Return of Nobel Peace Prize

The struggle over the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline – which would run over 1,500 miles from Alberta, Canada to Texas, extending the reach of Canada's filthy and addictive tar sands trade far into the United States – is shaping up to be an epic political battle. When Alberta, Canada's tar sands are fully developed, along with its vast proposed pipeline network, the planet will be pushed into abrupt and runaway climate change. Ongoing environmental protest in Washington DC to stop the tar sands pipeline was decimated this past Friday by Obama's State Department approval of the pipeline. On tar sands and fracking in particular, President Obama has abandoned his green base, meaning after an early retirement he will have time to earn that Nobel Prize awarded largely for future climate protection. Barring Obama’s final rejection of tar sands pipelines, a decision that is his to make, it should be returned immediately.

No Fracking Way! South Africa Species Rich Succulent Karoo Desert is too Water Poor for Gas Drilling

Local activists in South Africa have been protesting on the ground against fracking, and they need our support. Large parts of South Africa's beautiful, but water-poor and ecologically sensitive Karoo desert, are under threat of devastation by natural gas drilling operations using the increasingly notorious, controversial and ecologically devastating technique called hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking'. The Karoo region is one of the world’s most ecologically and evolutionarily unique arid ecosystems and biodiversity hotspot. Unfortunately, the Karoo may also hold vast deposits of fossil fuel natural gas in shale rock deep underground, and the ancient "fossil" water aquifers that exist are inadequate for and threatened by fracking production.

The announcement of Shell’s intention to pursue shale gas fracking in this area has been followed by huge opposition from local communities in the Karoo and the rest of South Africa. Recently local South African activists have been protesting Shell oil and others’ plans to “frack” the Karoo for natural gas production outside an industry conference in Johannesburg. There is nothing to indicate blasting toxic water at high pressure to shatter rock and release toxic contamination will ever be environmentally acceptable much less sustainable. Please participate in Ecological Internet’s Karoo anti-fracking affinity campaign, part of EI's ongoing efforts to end fracking globally for 100% renewables, ambitious efficiency, and slashed demand.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Is Primary Forest Logging: Clearing Rainforests for Plantations Is NOT Sustainable, Members Must Stop Greenwash or Resign

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) brand gets 70% of its timber and pulp by greenwashing current and planned destruction of 130,000,000 hectares of primary rainforests and other old forests – an area the size of South Africa. This past week - at FSC’s tri-annual General Assembly in Malaysia – the "sustainable" old forest logging greenwash worsened, as FSC voted (seconded by Greenpeace) to start certifying plantation timbers from land cleared of primary rainforests as being "sustainable". Being the best ecocidal rainforest destroyer is nothing to be proud of – all such deadly old forest certification schemes must stop. Please call upon all FSC members to reject the certification of primary forests by resigning immediately, as many others have recently done. Further, demand FSC immediately stop certifying primary forest logging or disband itself. Thank you for participating in EI's on-going global campaign to end primary forest logging, and to protect and restore old forests, as keystone responses to abrupt climate change, biodiversity loss, global ecosystem collapse, and abject poverty and inequity.

End U.S. FrankenTree Experiments: Genetically Engineered Trees Risky, Unnecessary and Must Be Resisted Until Banned

“Eucalyptus is the perfect neoliberal tree. It grows quickly, turns a quick profit in the global market and destroys the earth.” Jaime Aviles, La Jornada

Over a quarter of a million genetically engineered (GE) eucalyptus trees have been incautiously approved for planting by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ultimately genetically engineered (GE) tree company ArborGen plans to sell these FrankenTrees for planting across millions of hectares from Texas to Florida - undoubtedly with some sort of sustainability greenwash for biofuel, pulp and timber. You can help us stop this disaster before it is too late. These genetically modified eucalyptus trees are like the notorious aggressively invasive Kudzu plant, but explosively flammable and toxic. In the 1990s and early 2000s a similar threat in Europe was largely rebuffed through direct action - together people simply destroyed the tree saplings.

Stop UN Climate Science Panel Move to Fund, Research & Implement Geoengineering as "Climate Solution"

Geoengineering is the proposed large scale manipulation of Earth’s oceans, soils, sunlight and atmosphere with the intent of combating climate change. With no mandate, the UN's International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has begun talks on funding geoengineering research. Past adoption of virtually all major new technologies regardless of risk shows us if researched, geoengineering will surely be implemented. Modifying Earth at a planetary scale is so complex, and ecological and other side effects potentially so severe, that dire unintended consequences are certain. Simply, a biosphere cannot be engineered. The only way to address climate and ecology change is to end ecosystem loss and fossil fuel use; while equitably reducing emissions, consumption and population. Tell the United Nations to get out of the business of geoengineering, and lead by example in embracing social change and personal transformation adequate to achieve global climate and ecological sustainability.

Protect Moscow’s Khimki Forest and Russia's Old Forest Remnants from Roads

Activists continue to battle road construction equipment in the old-growth Khimki Forest just outside of Moscow, setting an example for old forest protectors and global ecological sustainability protestors globally. Industrial development that destroys ecosystems is ecocidal, destroying the possibility for future human advancement. For years Russian activists and journalists have survived beatings, arrests and intimidation to protest and report on the amazing grassroots movement to protect – including when necessary to fight for – Russia's remaining urban old forest remnants. Such a movement is needed globally to protect and restore primary, old-growth and other old forests for global forest, climate, biodiversity, ecosystem and ecological sustainability. EI has successfully contributed to the Khimki Forest protection campaign in the past and we expect you all to please come out and do so again.

Ken to Barbie Doll and Greenpeace USA: Not Coming Back Just Because You Say Your Wood Is FSC Certified

Greenpeace's quirky new rainforest campaign says Ken is leaving Barbie (Mattel's dolls) because of rainforest destruction, yet they leave the door open for "certified" primary rainforest paper pulp for toy packaging. Ecological Internet and the global grassroots rainforest protection movement will not accept an outcome from Greenpeace USA's Barbie campaign that includes FSC certified papers from Indonesia's primary rainforests. Let Greenpeace and Mattel - manufacturers of the Barbie and Ken dolls, which Greenpeace USA alleges contains rainforest pulp in its packaging - know that paper derived from primary rainforests and certified by Forest Stewardship Council is not ecologically sustainable. Greenpeace must be encouraged to resign from FSC greenwash; and work to end primary forest logging, protect and restore standing old forests, for local and global advancement and ecology.

Papua New Guinea: Push for Commission of Inquiry into Illegal Rainforest Logging/Oil Palm Land Grabs

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has some of the world’s largest rainforests but sadly industrial logging and oil palm are booming. “Special Agriculture and Business Leases” (SABL) covering 5.2 million hectares (12.8 million acres) have been granted 74 times by the PNG government over recent years, skirting forestry laws and allowing clearcuts of primary rainforests on customary land, for oil palm which may or may not get planted. There is huge concern that SABL leases were improperly executed and will result in large scale logging without providing agricultural development. Only an independent commission of inquiry – as promised by the acting Prime Minister and supported by local NGOs, but still not yet formally convened – can clean up PNG’s latest rainforest land grab mess.

Dear President Obama: All We Are Saying Is Give Peace and Ecology a Chance

The Human Family Says End the Wars, Bring American Boys and Girls Home, Fight Ecocide: It is time for President Obama to recommit America to the rule of international law; and begin demobilizing to realize a peace dividend for global ecology, human rights and needs, and worker equity. We all share one fragile Earth. Take action for peace ecology and global forests!

Tell Old Forest Loggers and Apologists Including RAN, World Bank, Greenpeace, UN-REDD+ to End Primary Rainforest Logging

There is no such thing as ecologically sustainable primary forest logging and those who say there is are using old forests for personal gain. As world's forest protection policy gurus meet in the Congo to finalize the final logging of much of Earth's large and contiguous rainforests; let loggers, governments, UN and NGOs supporting primary forest logging know that such industrial forestry can never be ecologically sustainable and must end immediately. Future biodiversity, climate, water availability and others ecosystem services depend critically upon maintaining intact forest ecosystems, ending first time industrial primary logging and other industrial development. It is simply unacceptable ecologically that the fate of Earth's last old forests continue to be first time industrial logging; albeit with greenwashing from FSC certification, RAN and other NGO approval and REDD+ funding.

SAY NO! To Global Shale Gas Fracking's Final Human Descent into Ecocidal Barbarity

It is simply wrong to blow up the Earth destroying scarce water for limited energy with no climate benefits as claimed. New science shows shale gas fracking equally damaging to climate as other fossil fuels including coal, and last week there was a major toxic fracking water release into Pennsylvania’s waterways; yet fracking remains largely unregulated by the EPA in the United States. Meanwhile the rest of the world is following America’s lead, with fracking spreading to China, South Africa, Europe and elsewhere. However protest is spreading too. The human family must not allow every last ecosystem to be destroyed, shattering our shared biosphere, before we transition from wasteful unsustainable energy to 100% truly renewable energy. Tell the Obama administration to set a good example and heavily regulate fracking, or outlaw this newest ecocidal energy source before it spreads.

Ban Nuclear Energy and the Bomb, Time for True Renewables Only

Along with the fossil fuels coal, tar sands and natural gas; nuclear energy is literally a dead end energy policy for Earth, all creatures and human family. Let's get it done, ban the atomic bomb, ban nuclear energy, and commit to serious, life-saving climate and energy policies including energy conservation, efficiency, carbon taxes & using only true renewables. Otherwise further nuclear disasters and even nuclear war are a certainty. This will require more simple, sharing and meaningful lives as we go back to the land to make something of worth with our hands and minds.

Tell Wisconsin Governor, Republican Senators: Stop Rights Abuses, Negotiate on Budget or Be Recalled

Please stand online with Wisconsin Cheddar Rebellion and its brave protestors for worker and human rights. Demand that Governor Scott Walker and Senate Republicans immediately drop their roll-back of collective bargaining rights, begin negotiating their regressive budget, or warn them they will be recalled.

REDD+ Failing: Continued Corrupt Logging of Ancient Primary Rainforests with Forest Carbon Funding NO Climate Solution

Old natural forest ecosystems are key to sustaining climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, humanity and the Earth System – and their logging must be excluded from international forest carbon funding. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) - the international program to pay for protection of old rainforests as a climate change solution - has been corrupted to include first time industrial primary rainforest logging for "sustainable" timbers and agriculture plantations. Unless REDD drops the plus and focuses funding upon ending industrial primary forest destruction while addressing systematic corruption in tropical rainforest destruction, the REDD program is no longer worthy of support by ecological forest activists.

Stop UK Government's Grand Forest Sell-off, Urge Protection and Restoration for the People's Old Forests

The UK government plans to put half of England's state-owned forests up for sale to private firms to raise billions to reduce the budget deficit and as a give-away to the nascent biomass industry. Ancient woodlands, regenerating natural forests and planted trees all provide important ecosystems and could be chopped down to make way for holiday villages, golf courses and commercial logging. This is theft of the English cultural heritage with woodlands and natural landscapes. Instead the UK government should fully protect many of these woodlands, fund forest ecological restoration and native plantation establishment, and strive in haste to get to 25% forest cover and beyond for their own ecological sustainability.

Canada Risks Pacific Coastal and Temperate Rainforest Ecosystems for Tar Sands Pipelines and Further Oil Addiction

The proposed Canadian Enbridge Northern Gateway oil sands pipeline through British Columbia’s pristine temperate rainforests and coastal ecosystems seeks to export tar sand synthetic petroleum to Asia. Tar sands oil production will increase by 30%; causing up to five times the climate change pollution as conventional crude oil, and turning boreal forest the size of New York and New Jersey into an ecological wasteland. B.C.'s precious and fragile temperate rainforests and coastal waters will be placed at risk by major industrial development, and First Nations' salmon economy endangered. A whole series of new pipelines are being built and planned which, like needles, will inject the U.S. and Asia with another dose of dirty oil over-development. Tar sands and boreal forest destruction must end, not be negotiated upon and greenwashed in backrooms by foundation fed green NGOs, as has become the pattern in Canadian forest advocacy.

Gunns of Tasmania: Set a Date, Keep Your Promise, End Native Forest Logging

The announcement by Gunns Ltd. pulp and logging company of Tasmania, Australia that they will discontinue their involvement with primary native forest logging in Tasmania is wonderful progress. Yet Gunns has not immediately done so and logging continues in the Huon Valley. Nor should Gunns have illusions that a paper and pulp mill industry based upon toxic chlorine-bleaching, plantation monocrops and ocean dumping will be acceptable. If Gunns does in fact keep and implement its promise (a big if, given their record), a global precedent has been set that old-growth native forest logging is finished. The new Australia government must follow-up by announcing an end to all old-growth native forest logging, and to promote forest and job restoration areas.

Urge Forest Stewardship Council to Stop Greenwashing Industrial Primary Forest Logging

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and its members, certifiers and suppliers must commit to ending the certification of primary forest timbers, falsely implying it is sustainable to log hundreds of year old trees for toilet paper, lawn furniture and other consumer items. Please participate in EI's on-going global campaign to end primary forest logging, and to protect and restore old forests, as keystone responses to abrupt climate change, biodiversity loss and global ecosystem collapse. Please take action to ensure FSC stops certifying primary forest logging; even as together we continue to successfully confront rapacious logging companies and their government enablers - 4 major victories in last months alone!

Tanzania's Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Serengeti National Park's locally and globally significant ecosystem is driven by migration of wildebeest, elephant and zebra; and will be utterly devastated by the plan, as will be local livelihoods and well-being. There is a growing local and international support network protesting the project, and together we should be able to ensure it never commences.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sells Out Democracy, Local Peoples and Resources to Red China's Mining Agency

Sir Michael Somare - PNG's deeply corrupted PM, and once the great founder of this amazing country - is illegally clinging to power and giving away natural resources by gutting environmental law. PNG has Earth's third largest rainforests and important intact fisheries which are being threatened by his efforts to run roughshod over landowners, including those trying to stop the dumping of mine waste into Madang's bays and lagoons. Given his increasingly despotic and unbalanced behavior, it is clearly time for Mr. Somare to resign.

Save Poland's Bialowieza Forest, Europe's Last Primeval Temperate Forest

Ask the Polish government to stop exploitation of the primeval Bialowieza Forest. Bialowieza Forest is on the verge of ultimate devastation caused by the state foresters and the timber industry that exploit precious Bialowieza Forest to manufacture products like furniture. Let’s support local calls for the cut to be reduced immediately, as a step to quickly ending primary forest logging in the area, and make all efforts possible to enlarge Bialowieski National Park to cover the entire area of Bialowieza Forest. EI has been active in campaign for over a decade, and things are getting active again locally as well, so time to renew the call of the Bialowieski Forest.

UPDATE: India's Dongria Kondh Tribal Way of Life Threatened by British/International Vedanta Mining – Let’s Build on Initial Success

Vedanta Resources, a British/international mining company, is set to destroy the forests, wildlife and way of life of the Dongria Kondh people. The Dongria Kondh have been struggling with all their might to protect their mountain but are being overpowered by the financial and political might of this multi-billion dollar company. They have been protesting locally for years, and have appealed for international support for their campaign to keep their sacred Niyamgiri Mountain ecologically and culturally intact.

Protest Madagascar's Breaking of Moratorium on Illegal Rosewood Log Exports from Protected Rainforests

Despite a recent two year moratorium on further illegal logging and export of precious timber from the protected areas of Madagascar, the government recently approved shipment of nearly $16 million worth of timber stolen from the country's rainforest parks. Post-coup illegal log and wildlife trade continue to threaten Madagacar's biodiversity rich rainforest remnants, ecological sustainability and future potential for national advancement. Let Madagascar's transitional government, shipping industry, and French government know they will be held responsible for these ecological crimes.

Obama’s Crude Awakening: Offshore Oil Drilling Is Ecologically Devastating and Must End

U.S. oil addiction is killing American and global ecology. An international wake-up call must be delivered to both the administration and Congress, to focus more effort upon reducing the demand for oil. The risks and costs of offshore oil exploration far outweigh their benefits, and the U.S. would be better off focusing upon promoting alternative energy sources. Will virtually every remaining intact ecosystem be razed to access every last bit of oil before we transition to lower energy use, a low carbon economy and renewable energy?

Brazil's Proposed Belo Monte Dam Damns Amazonian Rainforests and Peoples

The wild and free Xingu River is critical to maintaining intact the Amazon, its peoples, Brazil's national advancement, and the Earth we share. The Brazilian government continues with plans to build the massive Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River in the Amazon rainforest, despite intense and growing domestic and international opposition. The 11.2 billion dollar dam will devastate an extensive area of the Amazon rainforest and threaten the survival of tens of thousands of indigenous and traditional peoples who depend on the Xingu River for their livelihoods. It is estimated 500 square kilometers of intact Amazon rainforest land would be flooded by the dam.

Resistance Growing to Ecologically Devastating Chinese Mining Invasion of Madang, Papua New Guinea

Chinese government owned China Metallurgical Construction (MCC) corporation's efforts to establish the massively destructive Ramu Nickel mine in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea – the largest investment in metal exploration and mining by the Chinese outside of China – is in serious jeopardy. Local landowners are successfully initiating court cases and protests to demand mine tailings not be dumped into the sea – poisoning fish stocks and causing extreme ecological destruction – or the mine be stopped. The entire project has been mismanaged, marked by shoddy construction; and disregard for local rights, life, and marine and rainforest ecology. Chinese mining investment in Madang against local wishes can only be described as an invasion of sovereign peoples, and will be resisted at all costs.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Logging Violence and Corruption Flare in Sogeram/Ramu, Madang’s Mighty Rainforests

Local landowner initiated court case has shut down logging for two months in the Ramu. The PNG Forest Authority's review of the granting of the right to log to notorious Rimbunan Hijau of Malaysia in Ramu River valley expected soon. Industry and corrupt government officials pulling out all stops to re-grant permit to this violent and corrupt criminal-enterprise, and to allow Malaysian logger into the partially logged Sogeram as they wait. Massive cash payments and brutal violence – to intimidate communities resisting logging – is rife. Yet local protest to logging continues to intensify in Madang, as do calls to end all industrial primary rainforest logging in PNG.

Protest French Company Shipping Madagascar’s Illegally Logged Rosewood Timbers to China

Delmas shipping, a subsidiary of French shipping giant CMA-CGM, is planning to ship hundreds of containers of illegally logged ancient rainforest logs from Madagascar to China anytime soon. Post-coup illegal log and wildlife trade continue to threaten Madagacar's biodiversity rich rainforest remnants, ecological sustainability and future potential for national advancement.

More Old Forests, Less Industrial Agriculture, Key to Climate, Food and Water

Securing world food security while maintaining operable global old forests, climate, water, ocean and terrestrial ecosystems – and human rights, justice and equity – is the biggest challenge facing humanity. Water and food are the next bubbles to burst -- expect severe shortages of both in the 2010s. It is long past time to get back to the land through protecting and restoring old forests and organic permaculture farming. Our survival depends upon being with land, collecting water, letting forests age and growing food.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Grand Chief "Carbon Cowboy" Off Soon in New Private Jet to Sell Landowners' Rainforest Carbon

Sir Michael Somare -- Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Prime Minister -- jets soon to Copenhagen pledging to protect the country’s rainforests in exchange for REDD carbon money. Yet back home he has left a long list of shameful and corrupt rainforest/climate policies. As Copenhagen and REDD talks start, Somare pals Rimbunan Hijau of Malaysia continue logging in Ramu, Madang, despite a court order demanding they stop. Corruption, human rights abuses, and ecological devastation have no place in REDD or Papua New Guinea.

No to Copenhagen 'Carbon Logging': GOOD REDD Fully Protects and Restores Old Forests as a Global Climatic Imperative

Copenhagen climate talks must not provide 'Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation' (REDD) carbon market funds for old, natural forest logging, or for conversion of natural or semi-natural forests and other ecosystems to plantations. Ending deforestation and degradation of old and relatively ecologically intact primary and old growth forest ecosystems, and the ecological restoration of late-successional old growth forests, are keystone responses to maintaining global climate, biodiversity, water and ecosystems.

Madagascar's Protected Rainforest Hardwoods Continue to be Selectively Logged

Post-coup illegal log and wildlife trade continues to threaten Madagacar's biodiversity rich rainforest remnants, ecological sustainability and future potential for national advancement. This great nation's precious hardwoods deserve CITES protections, to ensure selective logging of any sort in its primary old forests ends.

Copenhagen (and You) Must Cut Carbon Emissions by at Least 10% During 2010

Urge all Earth's citizens and tribes to pursue a 10:10 pledge, protect and restore all old forests, and pursue other ambitious, short-term actions -- both personally and at Copenhagen -- as a start to avert abrupt climate change and global ecological collapse. Stewardship Revolution starts here as global ecological sustainability depends upon dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the short term.

Copenhagen (and You) Must Cut Carbon Emissions by at Least 10% During 2010

Urge all Earth's citizens and tribes to pursue a 10:10 pledge, protect and restore all old forests, and pursue other ambitious, short-term actions -- both personally and at Copenhagen -- as a start to avert abrupt climate change and global ecological collapse. Stewardship Revolution starts here as global ecological sustainability depends upon dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the short term.

Questioning World Bank Palm Oil Funding and Forest Carbon Finance in Indonesia

Ombudsman report on 20 years of corrupt IFC, World Bank Group lending to the Indonesian oil palm industry casts doubt on Bank's fitness to manage international forest carbon funds that may emerge at Copenhagen climate talks. It is time for the World Bank to end finance of oil palm, sustainable forest management, paper pulp and other industrial rainforest developments known to be the root causes of deforestation, degradation and climate change. The Bank must permanently end financial support for these industrial developments impacting primary rainforests, or it is the wrong entity to administer forest carbon monies.

Join Borneo's Penan Indigenous Peoples in Standing up to Malaysian Rainforest Destruction

Malaysia is the world's leading rainforest destroying nation. Please insist Malaysian authorities respect native customary land rights and boundaries of Penan's last remaining ancestral rainforest reserves; halt rainforest destruction in Sarawak for oil palm, pulp plantations and hydro-electric dams; and ensure rainforest destruction and abuse of indigenous rights by Malaysian companies end globally.

Liberia's Plans to Resume Industrial Primary Rainforest Logging Already Plagued by Corruption as Samling Poised to Pounce

The fact notorious illegal loggers Samling of Malaysia; who have devastated rainforests globally including those of the Penan, are secretly in contention for Liberian logging contracts illustrates, despite decades of failed reform efforts locally and internationally, that the global industrial tropical timber logging industry remains irredeemably corrupt. There is no evidence first time industrial logging of primary forests is ever ecologically sustainable or reduces poverty. Please call upon Liberian President to pursue development based upon standing rainforests, and reject entirely the resumption of industrial logging.

Tell Greenpeace: Toilet Paper Consumption from Canada's Ancient Boreal Forests Must End

Greenpeace Canada claims victory while falsely stating clearfelling old forests for paper products is "sustainable" when FSC certified. These photogenic poseurs fail to grasp the ecological necessity of ending consumption of all products made from old forest destruction, and generally reducing consumption of all paper products. Nothing to change as old boreal forests and toxic plantation monocrops will continue to be clearcut to wipe bottoms, albeit falsely certified by various greenwashers including Greenpeace as "well-managed".

Madang, Papua New Guinea's Mighty Ramu River Rainforests, Carbon and Peoples Threatened by Timber Mafia & Government Corruption

Let the Papua New Guinea (PNG) government know it must follow its people's wishes and end industrial rainforest destruction once and for all. Support local landowners in Madang Province and nationwide working bravely to end primary forest logging and pursue REDD carbon monies and other means to benefit from standing rainforests. The government cannot corruptly pursue both continued industrial logging and oil palm, and still expect to receive carbon market REDD payments for intact rainforest protection.

Hillary's Choice: Urge Secretary of State Clinton to Reject Deadly Tar Sands Oil Pipelines

Alberta Canada's tar sands development is the most ecologically destructive project in the world; destroying vast water rich natural boreal ecosystems, perpetuating global addiction to fossil fuels, and ensuring abrupt climate change. Tar sands and their pipelines must be stopped using all means necessary. Please start by protesting for disapproval of massive pipelines which will facilitate continued fossil fuel dependency.

Swiss Francs Threaten Indonesian Rainforests

Major Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS are to further fund Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), the world's largest listed palm oil company, which currently produces 10 percent of Indonesia's palm oil. A further 1.3 million hectares of land are to be developed for palm oil plantations with Swiss finance on the island of Indonesia Kalimantan (Borneo) and in Papua on the Western half of the island of New Guinea.

Tell Papua New Guinea and British Royalty: Climate Solutions Have No Place for Continued Industrial Primary Forest Destruction

Knighting of illegal logger and carbon market corruption plague Papua New Guinea's (PNG) attempts to receive carbon money for protecting rainforests. Let Prime Minister Somare, and England's Queen and Prince of Wales, know PNG climate and biodiversity protection under UN REDD carbon markets requires an immediate end to industrial primary rainforest destruction by logging and oil palm. And certainly no royal knighthood for criminal loggers.

Madagascar: Daewoo's Rainforest Land Grab in Nature's Paradise

The island of Madagascar is a veritable Noah's Ark of biodiversity, and this natural wealth is the country's primary treasure and opportunity for future ecologically sustainable development. Despite a recent revolution over the matter, the Korean company Daewoo Logistics continues to pursue plans to lease half the agricultural land in Madagascar for 99 years, industrially producing maize and palm oil on 1.3 million hectares that are now biodiversity rich rainforests and gardens. There already exists a severe food crisis nationally and local peoples, who are soon to be dispossessed from their land, are protesting, causing a major government crisis. Tell Daewoo the people of Madagascar have spoken -- and to shove off and leave Madagascar's rainforests, peoples and land alone.

Violence Flares as Peru's Government Fires Upon Indigenous Peoples Protecting Their Rainforest Homes

Support tens of thousands of indigenous people bravely protesting Peru government's give-away of their rainforest homes to oil, mining and logging industry without their approval; insist peaceful protests are not met with further violence by President Alan Garcia's government, and that the focus for Amazonian development be upon benefiting from standing trees and intact rainforest ecosystems.

NO BIOMASS/NO BURNING CAMPAIGN: Uproar as Massachusetts Poised to Destroy Forests for "Renewable" Electricity

Burning forests to produce electricity threatens to destroy and further diminish many of America and the world's forests. Protection and regeneration of forests, soils, freshwater, climate and biodiversity are urgent global imperatives, and creating massive new demands for any natural plant material is misguided and will further degrade ecosystems. Achieving global ecological sustainability requires that renewable energy be defined as "no biomass/no burning".

Malaysian Govt. Denies Well Documented Oil Palm Development Plans in Brazilian Amazon

In a startling yet welcome announcement, Malaysian government's land agency now denies plans to produce oil palm in the Amazon. While the prospect of a Malaysian government agency funding Amazonian oil palm has been dealt a serious setback, it is likely this project will re-emerge. Let's get formal commitment from the Malaysian government that this project is canceled, and to stop all Malaysian government and private industry funding of oil palm expansion overseas. Maybe, just maybe, we are winning this one!

Forest and Crop Biomass Can Never Ecologically Sustainably Power Industrial Society

No Biomass/No Burning! Truly renewable energy must be defined as including no energy production or climate mitigation claims from food based agrofuels, live plants and ecosystems, or burning/pyrolysis of biomass of any type.

Biofuel from Corn Ethanol Is Not Renewable, Does Not Address Climate Change

Let California Air Resources Board know all industrially produced biofuel crops from live biomass, edible or not, still require land, soil, water, fertilizer and other finite inputs. It is clear that industrial biofuels are not "renewable energy" given that these inputs are all in limited supply, and indirect land uses lead to destruction of soil and forest carbon sinks elsewhere.

Join Bushfires and Scientists in Condemning Australian Climate Change Policy

Australia must stop being a climate change laggard. Given severe drought and massive wildfires, the Rudd Government's target to reduce carbon emissions by 5% by 2020 is dangerously insufficient.

Tell Leading Climate Scientists, Industrialists and Negotiators to Stop Promoting Industrial Scale Biochar

Please protest proposals for large scale use of charcoal in soils for climate change mitigation, and against their inclusion into carbon markets. Biochar, along with agrofuels, will result in devastating expansion of industrial agriculture which threatens people, climate and ecosystems.

Call on U.S. Government to Halt Ecologically Misguided Support for Large Scale Biofuel

Fuel from food and already overstressed terrestrial ecosystems is immoral and unsustainable. The Obama administration must start by rejecting the proposal to increase the corn ethanol fuel blend limit from 10-15%.

Coal Kills -- Time for People Power to Protect the Climate

The use of coal must end if we are to maintain an operable atmosphere, human civilization and all the Earth's complex life

Urge President Obama to Say No to Canada's Filthy Tar Sands

The Canadian government wants special treatment for the world's dirtiest oil. President Obama must stand strong on clean energy and sufficient climate policies.

Support Finnish NGOs in Their Fight for Lapland's Ancient Forests

Protest Finnish timber giant Stora Enso and the government profiting from destroying Finland's last ancient forests. Let them know Finland and the World's old-growth must be protected and restored to sustain the Earth's biosphere and ecosystem processes including climate, water and biodiversity.

Stop Rogue German Ship from Fertilizing Southern Ocean in Dangerous Geo-Engineering Experiment

Many seek to "geo-engineer" a global solution to climate change; that is, modify the Earth's biosphere at a planetary scale. Is humanity so resistant to change that we will seek to construct a "Frankensphere", with dramatic unknown consequences, rather than reducing emissions, consumption and population?

Bolivia’s Amazon Riches to Be Plundered for Oil

President Morales must be encouraged to live up to his grand rhetoric, and end his government's hurried measures to decimate massive indigenous rainforest protected areas and their biodiversity and climate values, in a manner eerily reminiscent of the capitalistic system against which he rallies

Climate Talks Falter as Italy and Poland Play Politics with Global Climate's Future

Their unwillingness at climate talks to bear the costs of reducing carbon, and ending their addiction to coal, will destroy the atmosphere, biosphere and all our futures

Stop Bush's Midnight Raid Upon Oregon's Wild Forests and Rivers

Like his Presidency, it is time for President Bush's looting, plundering, and pillaging of America’s natural beauty, ecological treasures and vital ecosystems to end

Join Local Peoples in Resisting Paraguay's Devastation by Genetically Modified Soya Monocultures

Deforestation, eviction, drought and murder are too high of price to pay for toxic soybeans -- and Paraguay's new government knows better and must stop the destruction

Tell World Leaders Urgent Climate Change Action Cannot Wait for a Return to Economic Growth

Climate change and the bad economy are both symptoms of the same growth-based "ecological bubble". Tell governments to urgently address climate change despite the economic downturn, as both Wall Street and Main Street must realize that without ecosystems there can be no economy

Tell World Leaders Urgent Climate Change Action Cannot Wait for a Return to Economic Growth

Climate change and the bad economy are both symptoms of the same growth-based "ecological bubble". Tell governments to urgently address climate change despite the economic downturn, as both Wall Street and Main Street must realize that without ecosystems there can be no economy

As Rainforest Action Network Prepares to "Revel", What Has Become of Their Old Growth Forest Campaign?

There is no chance of achieving global ancient forest protection, climate stabilization and ecological sustainability until RAN and other ancient forest logging apologists follow Friends of the Earth in withdrawing from the Forest Stewardship Council and uniting to work to end ancient forest logging

Final Push Needed to Stop Australia's Ancient Forest Pulp Mill

Gunns of Australia's controversial plans to build a huge pulp mill to make disposable consumer items largely from clearfelling ancients forests is close to failing, let us together make a final decisive push to warn off potential investors and environmental approvals and achieve its permanent withdrawal

Fund Ecuador to Keep Oil Underground and Rainforests Standing for Our Shared Climate

It is time for the international community led by Europe to step up and finance large-scale Amazon rainforest preservation to protect the Earth's atmosphere, biodiversity, and life-giving ecosystems; while helping meet needs for national advancement

Biofuels to Turn Kenya's Rich Tana Delta Wetlands into Ecological Wasteland

Let the Kenyan government know destroying ecosystems for toxic sugar monocultures is unethical, and ask them to please follow their own environmental laws, and permanently cancel the project

Dear Al Gore, We Need the Full Truth Regarding Actions Sufficient to Avert Catastrophic Climate Change

Encourage Mr. Gore to tell the full truth regarding the magnitude of actions required for climate change solutions, including advocating for an end to coal and ancient forest logging, and personal sacrifice including reduced consumption

Brazil's Xingu River Dam to Damn Amazonian Rainforests and Peoples

The wild and free Xingu River is critical to maintaining intact the Amazon, its peoples and the Earth we share

Unilever Threatens Côte d'Ivoire's Primary Rainforests, Showing Promises of "Sustainable" Palm Oil Meaningless

Leading global consumer products company poised to destroy Ivory Coast's rainforests as both investor and customer, pushing three primates to extinction, just after its future commitment to rainforest protection and certified oil palm in 2015 was much heralded by some

Agrofuels on Stolen Lands Continue to Threaten Colombian Rainforests and Communities

It is gravely unethical and ecologically devastating to expand production of biofuels by allowing land to be stolen from local Afro-Colombian communities; and at the expense of Colombia's ancient primary rainforests, food security, water resources and regional climate

Protest Australia's Continued Ancient Forest Logging in the Face of Abrupt Climate Change

Australia's new "climate friendly" government preaches global forest protection for climate benefits internationally, while continuing to industrially clear its own native primary forests in Tasmania and elsewhere, and this unseemly hypocrisy must end

Global Ecological Emergency: Brazil Must Succeed in Keeping Soybeans Out of Amazon

Only soy products that do not directly or indirectly destroy ancient rainforests, or intensify climate change and other problems inherent with large-scale industrial monocultures, will be tolerated in international markets

Just Say No to Oil Shale, Leave the Carbon in the Ground

Oil shale production in Western U.S. with Department of Energy subsidies will prolong dependence upon filthy fossil fuels while destroying the climate, water and land

Papua New Guinea's Woodlark Island Rainforests to Be Cleared for Oil Palm Agrofuels

The PNG government continues to approve rainforest destruction and diminishment even as they vocally seek to be paid with carbon market funds for their "protection"

Mayor Bloomberg: We Love New York, But Hate Your Government's Rainforest Destruction!

New York City is one of the biggest consumers of ancient rainforest timbers; and their use of tropical hardwoods must end to protect global climate, ecosystems and biodiversity

Protest Failed World Bank Congo Rainforest Policy and Proposed Ill-Conceived Forest Carbon Payments

Given revelations of misconduct in Democratic Republic of Congo's rainforests by the World Bank, their desire to administer global carbon payments for rainforest protection as a means to address climate change is suspect

Another Sell-Out of British Columbia's Ancient Temperate Rainforests Possible

Rare mountain caribou threatened by further closed door, secret forest negotiations; survival depends habitat protection across their full range including ending logging of their ancient temperate rainforest habitat

Climate Protection Payments Must Avoid Deforestation of Ancient Rainforests AND Their Industrial Diminishment

Selective logging diminishes primary and old-growth forests' carbon stores, ecosystems, and biodiversity; and has no place in proposed carbon market payments for rainforest and climate protection

Jet-Setting Leonardo DiCaprio the Convenient Environmentalist

Growth in aviation threatens the Planet, celebrities flying in private jets are no friend to the environment, and shared climate sacrifice means the super-rich must swear off jet-setting ways

Please Tell the EU: Don't Sacrifice Birds and Ecosystems for Biofuel Expansion

There are limits to agricultural intensification that if surpassed threaten European wildlife and terrestrial ecosystem sustainability

FSC and Big Green "Certified" Ancient Forest Logging Tragedy Worsens

Support for "certified" ancient rainforest logging crumbles further due to string of inappropriate and illegal certifications, most recently in Peru; and as Norway rejects FSC and all primary rainforest logging certification schemes

Greenpeace, Come Clean and Stop Supporting Ancient Rainforest Logging

There is no such thing as certified, sustainable logging of primary forests. Tell Greenpeace to release their suppressed report on industrial certified forestry, and to resign the chair and withdraw from the Forest Stewardship Council

New Strengthened Post-Kyoto Agreement Must Be Fast Tracked Now

Given the science and evident abrupt climate changes, Kyoto successor agreement must be negotiated now that emphasizes mandatory emissions reductions for all major industrial economies

Myth of "Certified, Sustainable Ancient Forest Logging" Threatens the World's Rainforests and Climate

Tell the World Bank, WWF and Greenpeace to stop aiding and abetting failed "sustainable" and "certified" forest management for the Congo Basin and elsewhere, and instead commit to End Ancient Rainforest Logging

Stop Malaysian Samling Group - Global Leaders in Rainforest Destruction

Destroyer of ancient rainforests and indigenous livelihoods from Malaysia to Guyana now a publicly listed company that along with its financiers is facing renewed international protest

Indonesia's Biofuel Expansion on Rainforest Peatlands to Accelerate Climate Change

Let the President know the world expects Indonesia to keep the Environment Minister's promise to tackle the root causes of rainforest fires and peatland drainage

End Clearcut Logging of Ancient Old-Growth Forest Wilderness in Northern Finland

Let the Finnish government know that the age of ancient forest logging is over; that these forests are needed for climate buffering, biodiversity protection, forest restoration seed stock and are vital to achieving global ecological sustainability

Brazil Approves Deforestation of Important Amazon Reserve

The strength and permanence of protected status for ancient rainforests under Brazilian law is at stake

Europe Must End Their "Deforestation Biofuel" Energy Policy

Industrial biofuels threaten Rainforests and European land sustainability

U.S. Supreme Court Must Rule for Carbon Regulation

With a decade to avert global warming catastrophe, let the U.S. Supreme Court know carbon dioxide is clearly by both science and law a pollutant, causing climate change mayhem, and as such must be regulated - even if it means, given lack of political leadership, "legislating from the bench"

Continue to Oppose Oil Production in Ecuador's Yasuni and Other National Parks

All of Ecuador's protected areas including all of Yasua must be strictly protected from oil and logging

Severe Australian Drought Caused by Climate Change, Leave Your Coal in the Ground!

Dramatic efforts required with coal and forests to ensure Australia's well-being and planetary survival

Bush Climate Plea: Confront "An Inconvenient Truth", Lead on Global Warming

President Bush has shown throughout his Presidency little inclination to address looming climate change, yet the science is clear, and the Earth cannot wait for new U.S. leadership

Support Petition to Save Malaysia's Belum-Temengor Rainforests

Proposed National Park "Richest of the Rich" in Terms of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Threatened by Logging

Chinese Olympic Committee Must Independently Prove Olympic Torch Not Burning World's Rainforests

Beijing Olympics 2008: Destroying Papua's Ancient Rainforests to Raise the Olympic Torch

Protest World Bank Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Funding

Call upon Bank board to prevent climate mayhem by halting subsidies for deadly fossil fuel projects while greatly increasing renewable energy and efficiency funding

Massive Gas Pipeline to Pierce the Amazon

Project will devastate South America's rainforests, water and climate

World Bank Must Not Fund Rainforest Destruction in the Congo

Industrial logging of ancient primary forests is ecologically and socially indefensible

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