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Action Alert: Continue to Oppose Oil Production in Ecuador's Yasuni and Other National Parks

All of Ecuador's protected areas including all of Yasua must be strictly protected from oil and logging

By, a project of EcoInternet - November 8, 2006

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Additional Background

In two separate letters delivered to the Ecuadorian government, a group of over 40 Yasuni scientists (known as the Scientists Concerned for Yasuni) and 6 international NGOs have criticized Petrobras’ new Environmental Impact Study (EIS) of their new “roadless” plan to build oil production facilities in Ecuador’s world class Yasuní National Park. Although both letters praise Ecuador for stopping Petrobras from building an access road into Yasuni National Park, they emphasize that the new project design (construction and operation of 2 drilling platforms, flow lines, a processing facility and pipeline) will cause major impacts to the region’s biodiversity and indigenous peoples.

A massive new processing facility would be constructed on the alluvial plain of the world renowned Tiputini River. Sixteen hectares of mature, inundated forests along the Tiputini would have to be cleared and drained, completely destroying the habitat. And the rainforest surrounding the proposed sites for the two drilling platforms is home to large mammal species considered indicators of high quality rainforest, such as tapir, giant armadillo, giant anteater, and large monkey species.

Moreover, the processing facility would be built on an important hunting area for the Kichwa community of Chiru Isla, and the drilling platforms would be located within the prime hunting grounds of the Waorani community of Kawimeno. The Waorani representative organizations were never consulted about the project, nor did they grant consent for activities on their ancestral territory.

The Ecuadorian government must be urged to NOT approve the study and to cancel the project, as oil exploration and protected area status are simply incompatible.


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