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Action Alert: Tell Old Forest Loggers and Apologists Including RAN, World Bank, Greenpeace, UN-REDD+ to End Primary Rainforest Logging

There is no such thing as ecologically sustainable primary forest logging and those who say there is are using old forests for personal gain. As world's forest protection policy gurus meet in the Congo to finalize the final logging of much of Earth's large and contiguous rainforests; let loggers, governments, UN and NGOs supporting primary forest logging know that such industrial forestry can never be ecologically sustainable and must end immediately. Future biodiversity, climate, water availability and others ecosystem services depend critically upon maintaining intact forest ecosystems, ending first time industrial primary logging and other industrial development. It is simply unacceptable ecologically that the fate of Earth's last old forests continue to be first time industrial logging; albeit with greenwashing from FSC certification, RAN and other NGO approval and REDD+ funding.

By, a project of EcoInternet - May 10, 2011

In partnership with New Earth Rising

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Additional Background

Ecological Internet is committed to ending primary forest logging globally as a keystone response to biodiversity, climate, ecosystem, biosphere, and human inequity crises; through full protection of most remaining old forests, ecologically restoring old forests, and ensuring local community benefit and advancement from their standing primary and old growth forests. Please join us to protect and restore old forests globally as we continue to campaign against all major forest policy players that falsely state benefits of logging primeval forests. How much longer can the Goddess of naturally evolved forests be sacrificed upon the pantheon of hollow prosperity? Never have so many groups from so many sectors had their forest policy so dreadfully wrong.

Primary forests logged industrially for the first time – FSC certified or otherwise – are destroyed and what remains is permanently ecologically damaged in terms of composition, structure, function and dynamics. Logged primary forests' carbon stores, biodiversity and ecosystems will never be the same in any reasonable time-span. Selectively logged rainforests become fragmented, burn more and are prone to outright deforestation. It is only within the last one hundred years of humanity’s 8,000 year reduction in intact terrestrial ecosystems that there has been this debate regarding utilitarian forest uses – Pinot and the U.S. Forest Service- or outright protection – think Muir. There is nothing in practice or in the scientific literature to suggest that primary forest can be logged in an ecologically sustainable manner. An awful number of organizations and people depend upon this logging to continue, even as the purportedly work to “protect” rainforests.

Ecological Internet’s massive global Earth protection network will not rest until the greenwash of primary forest destruction is revealed; and governments, companies, NGOs commit to ending their support for logging old forests, to support protecting and restoring old forests. If not now, when? Of all stakeholders, Ecological Internet is most critical of big environmental NGOs in global forest policy, as they continue to pursue the holy grail of "sustainable" primary forest logging, though it is not ecologically possible; and the continued and growing trade in old forests timbers is destroying biodiversity, ecosystems and climate. Forest certification is heavily dependent upon primary forests to meet demand, and most disappointingly, the FSC label has become meaningless as heavily dependent upon primary and old growth forest logging.

REDD+ carbon forest payments went from paying local people’s to protect their forests and their carbon for local benefits, to a corrupt program to subsidize primary forest logging for timber and plantations. Among the sell-out forest NGOs including Greenpeace, WWF, Rainforest Alliance, Sierra Club that support FSC primary forest logging; the Rainforest Action/Logging Network (RAN) stands out. RAN continues to illogically assert that their forest policy stances of working (and taking money) to protect primary rainforests is compatible with founding and actively promoting a sustainable logging standard for primary forests. RAN has resorted to all sorts of trickery, PR and bluster to avoid having to justify their policy leadership on the matter. Others like Rainforest Alliance have grown fat from the grizzle of selling rainforests short. As leading rainforest country governments, international NGOs, FSC and REDD sycophants meet in the Congo at the end of May, let’s take the opportunity to together raise the matter of ending primary forest logging.

Let old forest logging apologists know there is another, better way to protect and benefit from ancient forests that turning naturally evolved ecosystems into tree plantations. This prevailing greenwash of primary forest logging is a planetary emergency, and most actions in resistance consistent with your conscience are appropriate and justified – including sending and widely sharing this alert.

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End primary forest logging
MADANG, PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Scenes like this all too common. If not now, when will we end primary forest logging? Will it be too late for biodiversity, ecosystems, biosphere, local peoples, human family, Gaia?  (link)

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