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Action Alert: Ken to Barbie Doll and Greenpeace USA: Not Coming Back Just Because You Say Your Wood Is FSC Certified

Greenpeace's quirky new rainforest campaign says Ken is leaving Barbie (Mattel's dolls) because of rainforest destruction, yet they leave the door open for "certified" primary rainforest paper pulp for toy packaging. Ecological Internet and the global grassroots rainforest protection movement will not accept an outcome from Greenpeace USA's Barbie campaign that includes FSC certified papers from Indonesia's primary rainforests. Let Greenpeace and Mattel - manufacturers of the Barbie and Ken dolls, which Greenpeace USA alleges contains rainforest pulp in its packaging - know that paper derived from primary rainforests and certified by Forest Stewardship Council is not ecologically sustainable. Greenpeace must be encouraged to resign from FSC greenwash; and work to end primary forest logging, protect and restore standing old forests, for local and global advancement and ecology.

By, a project of EcoInternet - June 11, 2011

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Additional Background


FSC will vote this week during their General Assembly whether clearing primary rainforests for plantations is to be considered sustainable & certified. This adds to existing greenwash of logging primary and old growth forests with FSC certification - which is occurring across 320,000,000 acres of old forests, providing 70% of FSC's timber - with RAN, Greenpeace, WWF support as members.

This is SUCH a significant further erosion of FSC standards, it makes FSC and the NGO greenwash supporters irrelevant (even dangerous) for forest ecology protection, and significantly increases the justification for our concern. We need to push extra hard with new alert, more fb protest, during this coming week please.

Greenpeace USA has launched a quirky campaign that may well be successful in getting toy-maker Mattel to stop using some rainforest fibers in their packaging - including for Barbie and Ken dolls - that come from Indonesian tropical deforestation and threaten tiger habitat. Yet problematically their latest rainforest market campaign - similar to Rainforest Action Network's Girl Scout and Disney campaigns - mistakenly suggest that Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of primary rainforest logging is an acceptable alternative source for rainforest timber and fiber for throw-away consumption.

Greenpeace is a founding member of FSC (and chairman of the board for 6 years) which two studies have shown destroy from 120-130,000,000 hectares (~320,000,000 acres) of primary rainforest and other old forests by certifying their first time industrial logging as being "sustainable" and "well-managed" - when by definition FSC greenwashes primary rainforest destruction. An estimated 60-70% of FSC certified products come from primary and old growth logging - two times the area of Texas - including vast stretches of Canada's ancient boreal forests being clearcut with Greenpeace's vocal support for toilet paper.

It is no longer acceptable for rainforest protection organizations to try to have it both ways - saying they are for protecting rainforests while calling out others' indiscretions - while participating in the largest greenwash of rainforest destruction ever. Please tell Greenpeace to resign their 18 year membership in FSC, where they have clearly failed to lessen FSC's dependence upon primary forest logging. Let them know old forests must be protected and restored for local and global benefits and ecological sustainability from standing ancient forests. And that you are breaking up with Greenpeace, as Ken has done with Barbie, until their complicity with rainforest destruction ends.

P.S. And of course we all know Barbie dolls are misogynist throw-away plastic crap anyway.

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End primary forest logging, protect and restore standing old forests, for local advancement and global ecology
Ken will not get back together with Barbie - or rejoin Greenpeace - if they continue saying their rainforest use is ok because it is "certified"  (link)

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