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This alert was a success, as Ecological Internet played in its own small way, a role in starting the withdrawal and de-escalation of the Afghan war. It's not enough and too slow, but the tide has turned. Peace and ecology ay yet have a chance. Thank you to all that participated.

Action Alert: Dear President Obama: All We Are Saying Is Give Peace and Ecology a Chance

The Human Family Says End the Wars, Bring American Boys and Girls Home, Fight Ecocide: It is time for President Obama to recommit America to the rule of international law; and begin demobilizing to realize a peace dividend for global ecology, human rights and needs, and worker equity. We all share one fragile Earth. Take action for peace ecology and global forests!

By EcoInternet - May 21, 2011

In partnership with New Earth Rising

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Additional Background

The world's nation states has been at war for centuries, yet in America over the last decade we see the industrial/military complex perfected into a state of perma-war. A dastardly act occurred to America and the world on 911, yet the same numbers of children die each day from bad water. America needs to heal and move on starting with bringing the boys and girls home. Please ask President Obama to end the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. As a global citizen, demand Obama take actions to return America to the rule of international law, rights and duties. And realize a peace dividend by dramatically demobilizing America's military to support ecology and other pressing human needs.

The real looming threat to all of our security is ecocide - global ecosystem and biosphere failure. The entire Earth and human family are faced with ecology collapsing as global air, water, forest, wetland, ocean, soil and others ecosystems are destroyed for consumption. Further urge America to join and accept the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. Insist their spying, torture, renditions, and arbitrary indefinite detentions end. Demand the overturn of the Patriot Act, domestic espionage and unilateral military action. And lastly and just as importantly; ensure America's military is mostly demobilized and expenditures on militarism are dramatically reduced to allow a peace dividend for ecology, climate change, water scarcity, dead oceans, human services, education, health, jobs and other priority crises that threaten the human family and all being's security.

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Peace and Ecology
All we are saying is give peace and ecology a chance  (link)

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