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Action Alert: An Appeal to Durban Climate Talks: Lead on Climate, or You Have Abdicated and the People Will

The world is careening towards abrupt climate change and global ecosystem collapse. Global climate talks have been stymied by an inability to reconcile the historic carbon debt for past inequitable development with reasonable demands that all nations commit to differentiated emission reductions. Tell Durban climate meeting delegates that failure to act now upon the looming climate emergency means governments have abdicated and the people will lead.

By Climate Ark, a project of EcoInternet - November 26, 2011

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Additional Background

Time is running out for a deal by world governments on climate change. Global average temperatures are expected to rise by 3-6 degrees F by the end of the century. This month it was revealed greenhouse gases have reached record levels in the atmosphere – growing globally by a record 6% in 2010. A warming climate is expected to lead to heavier rainfall, more floods, stronger cyclones and more intense droughts. As abrupt climate change and related global ecological change intensify to emergency proportions, major negotiating parties have been at loggerheads for years. Before Copenhagen we were told the world would stop at nothing to get an equitable, fair agreement. Now with economic turmoil in the over-developed nations, world leaders say they want a treaty in effect by 2020. This year's conference focuses upon relative piddling efforts to provide climate adaptation funding and extend Kyoto. Putting off emission cuts for nearly another decade is too little too late, and will ensure the planet exceeds safe warming limits.

World leaders ignore looming abrupt climate change and rapidly accelerating world unrest of which it is part at their own peril. At its most basic level the issue has been the need to reconcile the massive historical carbon debt from pas inequities on atmospheric pollution to fuel advancements in material living standards, with the global planetary ecological emergency which all nations to commit to appropriate differentiated emissions reductions. Climate change is intimately entwined with a variety of social and ecological crises including food shortages, economic inequities, lack of water, unemployment, resource scarcity and a variety of other ills. World leaders must act now or risk being replaced with new institutions and leaders in a global Earth Revolution committed not only to ensure the atmosphere remains within habitable limits – but also to ecology, workers, equity, freedom, and justice. Tell Durban climate meeting delegates that failure to act now upon the looming climate emergency means governments have abdicated and the people will lead.

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A deal is possible that addresses carbon debt and differentiated responsibility of all nations to cut emissions
Global governments must lead on climate change or abdicate so the people through new institutions can  (link)

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