EcoInternet FAQ

What does this environmental portal site do?

EcoInternet's family of environmental portals are a special kind of website that try to identify, filter and network all the best information found on a subject through one starting point. EcoInternet is a non-profit organization that daily identifies news articles and web sites which we link too, we then make them cumulatively searchable with a true Internet search engine. We also provide analysis on our website of important climate, forest, water, ocean and general environmental sustainability policy developments on our blog, and we send such information to those that are interested via email as well.

What is this site's purpose?

EcoInternet's environmental portals are a tool to be used by conservationists to better protect, conserve and restore the Earth's ecosystem processes. Our target audience is working environmental conservation professionals and the general public that are intensely interested in protecting the environment. These sites seek to educate users about why and how to reduce environmental damage - providing specific opportunities and suggestions to do so.

Why is this site so full and busy looking?

These sites are designed to highlight and make accessible information. To best do so, it purposefully has a "flat" hierachy to make the depth and breadth of substantial informational resources readily apparent and easy to access. We emphasize textual information over graphics to: 1) allow for fast downloads on slow Internet connections, 2) because of our target audience's needs (above), and 3) to more fully be indexed in major search engines. We believe this is the way portals dedicated to social change are best organized.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers to help build the site. We also depend entirely upon donations to support our efforts, so please consider making a gift to the Earth. Please contact us if you wish to get involved in our campaigns, projects or are in need of consulting services.

Why does the site not render correctly in my browser?

Given our small staff and limited resources, our sites are tested and guaranteed to work perfectly on the latest version of Internet Explorer and Firefox. We hope to extend our browser compatability as more resources become available.

What does this site and EcoInternet not do?

EcoInternet is unable to respond to specific requests for information via email other than from the media. Please use the portal search engine to carry out your research. And note, we are not a grant-making organization.