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Engineering the climate is last and scariest option, says US scientist

The lack of international action on cutting emissions highlights need to research geoengineering further, says Jane C S Long

Source:  Copyright 2011, Yale Environment 360
Date:  October 12, 2011
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Jane C. S. Long, associate director-at-large of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, is convinced that the only sensible way to combat climate change is to work toward "a zero-emission energy system as fast as possible." But as chairwoman of the Bipartisan Policy Center's 18-member task force on geoengineering, the hydrologist and energy expert realized two fundamental things: that the world has still not come to its senses on global warming, and that science would be remiss if it didn't consider the possibility that CO2 emissions will continue to soar for decades.

This scenario lies at the heart of a report issued last week by the task force, composed of noted experts in climate science, social science, and foreign policy. It called for a comprehensive study of geoengineering options -- including removing CO2 from the atmosphere and reflecting solar energy back into space -- in case the Earth's climate crosses certain tipping points, such as a ...

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