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Japan: Activists Brace for Long War Against Nuclear Power

Source:  Copyright 2012, Inter Press Service
Date:  May 17, 2012
Byline:  Suvendrini Kakuchi
Original URL: Status ONLINE

For the past two decades Masao Ishiji (59), has been fighting tooth and nail to ban the operation of four nuclear reactors that dot the western coastline of Oi in the Fukui prefecture facing the Japan Sea.

Earlier this week, that desperate battle reached a critical front. When the Oi municipal assembly passed a new resolution Monday to restart Unit 3 and 4 reactors that had been closed for a year for stress tests, anti-nuclear activists knew they had reached a crucial juncture in their fight to eradicate nuclear power from the country.

"The new Oi decision is a blow to the anti-nuclear movement," explained Yuki Sekimoto of Greenpeace, Japan. " It is also a stark reminder of the excruciating position faced by the local residents. They have to chose between their jobs or stopping nuclear power, a very unfair situation."

Indeed, Mayor Shinobu Tokioka, who now faces the difficult task of approving the local assembly decision, told the Japanese ...

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