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Experts' review of NY fracking soon to be complete

Source:  Copyright 2012, Associated Press
Date:  December 1, 2012
Byline:  Mary Esch
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Experts reviewing the health effects of shale gas development in New York are among the nation's most prominent in environmental health, giving opponents hope but the industry concern that reviewers will warn against drilling operations that use hydraulic fracturing.

The state has had a moratorium on "fracking" for shale gas since the Department of Environmental Conservation started an environmental impact study in 2008. The department released proposed new regulations Wednesday stemming from the study and will take public comment before making them final.

The health review is expected to be completed by Monday.

At least one of the health experts said that while she's aware some things have gone wrong in communities with shale gas drilling, the health and environmental damage from using gas for heat and fuel may not be as bad as burning coal.

"We know that emissions from burning coal cause tremendous damage to health," Lynn ...

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