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Greenpeace says boreal forest agreement no longer working

Logging company violated deal to protect boreal forest, Greenpeace says

Source:  Copyright 2012, CBC
Date:  December 6, 2012
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Greenpeace says it's no longer a member of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

The environmental group says it has proof from GPS-tagged video and pictures that Resolute Forest Products is building logging roads in areas forbidden by the agreement. The pictures were taken in August of this year in Quebec's Montagnes Blanches region.

The agreement, signed in 2010, was a historic truce between 21 companies belonging to the Forest Products Association of Canada and nine environmental organizations.

It's considered the largest conservation agreement in history, covering more than 76 million hectares of public forest. Essentially it's a peace agreement between the logging industry and environmental groups, which have been at war for decades.

The companies agreed to stop logging in certain areas, including valuable regions for caribou habitat, while the environmental groups agreed to back off in their anti-logging protests and ...

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