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Australia: Green light for expanded World Heritage Area

Source:  Copyright 2013, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Date:  June 24, 2013
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Some of Tasmania's most contentious forests have been given the highest level of environmental protection with a listing by UNESCO's World Heritage Committee.

A total of 170,000 hectares of forests will now become part of Tasmania's World Heritage Area.

The listing includes the Southern Forests, the Styx, the Florentine and the Great Western Tiers.

Achieving the listing has been a major goal of environmental groups for decades.

It was also a key conservation outcome sought by environmental groups in the three years leading up to the signing of Tasmania's forest peace deal.

The Wilderness Society's Vica Bayley is in Pnhom Penh, where the decision was announced.

Mr Bayley has been criticised by many in the environmental movement for taking part in forest peace talks.

He believes the forests have finally been listed because of the peace deal.

"We're very, very happy and very, very ...

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