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Canada: Northern Gateway Pipeline Opposition Groups Threaten 'Direct Action'

Enbridge may have had the support of the panel, but not the public, groups say

Source:  Copyright 2013, CBC
Date:  December 22, 2013
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Opponents of Northern Gateway said Friday that the war against the pipeline will now be waged against the federal government, which will decide the project's fate after a federal review panel recommended approval.

A coalition of environmental groups gathered in Vancouver the day after the National Energy Board released its report and recommendations, to say that Calgary-based Enbridge may have had the support of the panel, but not the public.

Gerald Amos, chairman of the Friends of Wild Salmon Coalition of northwestern British Columbia, said the federal government made changes to regulatory rules during the review process that affected the outcome and gave cabinet the final say.

"In the bottom of my heart I'm convinced now, and I think a lot of people share this feeling, that our government and its processes no longer belong to the people. They belong to the big oil companies, who have bought and paid for the changes that have been made very ...

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